Meet the Team

Vikram Sainadh
Owner & Visionary

Vik is a Toronto based Canadian Entrepreneur originally from Chennai, South India. Apart from being the new owner and visionary for the future of the farm, Vik loves to give back consciously to communities, compose music, cook Indian food, travel and is an internationally certified Yoga Instructor who teaches yoga regularly at the department of Kinesiology and Physical Education within the University of Toronto. He is also the founder of Yogalicious Toronto, an initiative that combines yoga and food to support great causes.

Miguel Medina
Customer Experience Manager

Miguel is a local resident of Ometepe Island. A proud daddy to two children, Miguel is our recent addition to the team and puts his heart and soul into welcoming visitors to the finca and making sure they have a comfortable stay.  In his spare time, he loves to fishing with his daughters, cooking spaghetti at home, and playing games within his little ones. He also loves to hike, paint, read & learn different things. He also loves to garden because he believes that flowers and plants makes our lives better. 

Joel Vega
Consult Permaculturist & Natural Home Designer

Joel is San Jose (Costa Rica) based Permaculturist. He loves spending time, creating designs, building, farming and caring for the environment. Joel is also an extremely proud dad to a little angel named Amara. In his spare time, Joel grows and sells Costa Rican Coffee and is an integral part of the Finca Del Sol team.

Lauren Furman
Marketing, Communications & Graphic Designer

Lauren is from a small town in Northern Canada. She first visited Ometepe in 2016 and started working for Finca Del Sol in 2018. She loves spending her time gardening, fishing and hiking with her dog. She is currently working as a Freelance Artist and Graphic Designer, finding most of her inspiration from nature.

Staff & Maintenance Manager

Meylin, has been with us for 11 years and is a local resident of Ometepe. He is responsible for managing the operations which include all staff & the animals on the property. He is currently completing his high school equivalent and hopes to attend university to study architecture. Meylin also has a young daughter, enjoys playing baseball and has a small crop of plantains.

Food & Housekeeping

Surania has worked at Finca Del Sol for 9 years. She was born & raised on Ometepe and is married with 2 boys aged 4 & 5. Her family also grows rice and corn on their land. 

Food & Housekeeping

Maritza has been with us for 8 years. She is married with an adult son (Rudy) and daughter. Her family also grows crops.

Field Work & Land Maintenance

Rudy has been with us for 7 years. He enjoys soccer and agriculture.

Security Service

Bismarck has been with Finca Del Sol for the past 5 months. He previously lived in Costa Rica working odd jobs and is a very friendly soul to have around.

Security Service

Heylin has been with us for 4 months. He is married with 2 adult sons and one 7 year old. He also has a rice thrashing business and likes to grow his own food.

Driver & Tour guide, Ometepe Island

Eddie is the most cheerful driver you will meet on the Island. While being extremely reliable, he has been offering his services to the guests of the Finca since the previous ownership. 

Scooter Rental Service

Alberto is the local Bicycle, Scooter and ATV rental service rental provider. He lives with his wife and kids just around the corner from the farm.