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Organized Tours

Climb Volcan Maderas
Guided hikes start at 6am - 8am / starting at $16 per person
At 1394 meters above sea level, climb to the crater lake on the top of Volcan Maderas. The trail begins from our backyard. Hiking trails traverse along a transition zone (dry forest to cloud forest) where you can take in the majesty of secondary and mature forest ecosystems at work. From the top of Maderas you can descend to the crater lagoon.
Climb Volcan Concepcion
Guided hikes start at 5am - 6am / starting at $20 per person + transportation
At 1610 meters above sea level, Concepcion is Nicaragua's second highest volcano. It frequently produces debris and small lava flows and there is a continuous discharge of vapours. Towards the summit, the trail becomes incredible steep. Once you reach the rim, you can gaze into the inside of the crater from where hot, sulfurous air blasts upward.
Lookout & petroglyph tour
Guided hikes start at 8:30am or can be arranged for later in the day / starting at $13 per person
Ometepe is famous for its rich pre-Columbian past. Ancient petroglyphs (rock carvings) and stone statues have been found all over the island. Climb to the Mirador look-out point where you can see breathtaking scenery including Volcan Concepcion and Lake Cocibolca. The trail begins from our backyard. Lots of flora and fauna can be seen throughout the dry tropical forest.
Guided tours start at $10 an hour / 2 hour minimum charge
Guided horseback tours are available from our place. You can go to the beach or up Volcan Maderas to a lookout point.
Kayaking the river istiam
Guided trips start in Merida - 5k from the property / starting at $25 per person + transportation
The river meanders inland on the isthmus between Ometepe's two volcanoes. The river is a picturesque aquatic garden with carpets of floating water plants. Plenty of birds call the area home such as egrets, whistling ducks and jacanas. Big gnarled tree roots cover the shore, some heavily hung with vines and moss.
cultural tour
Tours are personalized to your specific interests / $60 - $80 depending on your itinerary
Hire a private driver to tour the island with you and end it with a fantastic typical Nicaraguan meal at a local family owned restaurant specially prepared for you. This is a great way to get an overview of all that Ometepe has to offer. See the butterfly farm, hike some laid back trails, visit museums, Ojo De Agua and if you are interested in giving back to the community, you may visit a local school located closeby called Escuela Santa Cruz and help grow local education which is also strongly supported and sponsored by Finca Del Sol. Ask for more information on this tour which can be organized separately.
My Wellness Plan
$69 per person
My Wellness Plan includes a one hour massage + Holistic Health Consultation that is supportive to balancing ones energy through dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
Private Massage in Your Bungalow
Available from 7am - 7pm / $30 per person
Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. You won't regret one after a long day of hiking and physical activities!

Local Activities

Located 700 meters from the property
Stroll down to the best beach on the islands and relax on the white sandy shores. This freshwater lake has cool breezes year round and a shallow entrance, making it very child friendly. The lake is so large that it feels like you are on the ocean!
Ojo De Agua
6 kms from the property / accessible by bike, bus or scooter / $3 per person
Ojo de Agua is a natural spring pool filled with crystal clear water from an underground river flowing straight from Volcan Maderas. The swimming hole is rimmed with cement to form two separate swimming areas where the water is constantly renewed from the spring at the bottom of the upper pool.
Bicycle, Motorbike & Scooter Rentals
Bicycles $5 per day / Motorbikes $35 per day / Scooters $30 per day / Quad bikes $60 - $80 per day
Rent a set of wheels and explore the island! Rentals are available at our front gate as well as in the village of Santa Cruz, 300 meters from our property.
Located in Balgue - the next town outside of Santa Cruz
El Pital is a little chocolate factory and juice bar set on the water with an absolutely magical atmosphere. They have music, slacklines, hammocks and paddle boards for you to entertain yourself with in addition to their luscious chocolate desserts and fresh-squeezed juice.
Organic coffee farm located 1.5 kilometers from Finca Del Sol
Take a guided tour to see the coffee plantations and buy some island-grown organic coffee to take home ($10 per pound). Coffee is harvested November through January.
Located 8 kilometers from Finca del Sol / $5 per person
The trail to the waterfall takes you through dense jungle, passing by old trees covered in moss, vines and bromeliads. Howler monkeys live in this area and a wide variety of birds, butterflies and other insects. Some of them endemic to the Maderas volcano. Trail is the nicest during rainy season.
Located at Hostel Zopilote - next door to Finca Del Sol / Classes begin at 7am and 4pm / $5 per person
Participate in a 2 hour yoga class and connect with your body and mind. You may want to stay for a meal after class in Zopilote's farm to table organic restaurant and buy some locally handmade organic products.
Punta Jesus Maria
Located 4km south of Moyogalpa / $1 per person
Punta Jesus Maria is a narrow split of land formed by Lake Nicaragua's currents. During dry season, the sand bank is walkable for 1km. Experience panoramic views of Isla Ometepe. Make sure to visit at dusk for incredible sunsets!