“You didn’t come into this world.
You came you of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.”

Restorative Healing

We live in a highly connected world yet we are lacking human connection. Modern society has developed a void when it comes to connecting with others, which we feel stems from our disconnection from nature. Ecotherapy is more than a walk in the woods or watching a beautiful sunset. It is an emerging form of treatment that restores our connection to the natural world. Lack of connection to people, places, emotions
Awakening the feelings and senses by participating in the natural world is an extremely powerful way to begin this process. Our idea of “Nature” is not a single thing, but includes the flows of life. Before there can be healing, there has to be an opennes to the sensations of each place, a relaxing of mind, a different awareness of one’s own physical presence. The experience of the wilderness is that of participating in and responding to a power of nature far greater than anything in our normal scale of living. It is a reminder of a vaster order in life in which we have a place but which we do not control. It opens the senses to awareness and awe in the presence of forces so much greater than the plans of human minds. It changes your perspective about what’s important and slow down time and inner rhythm.The senses of time turns to seasons and cycles of growth – the opening of blossoms, the growth and decay of fruit. All around are the presences of living things that instill a close responsiveness to their needs.