Finca del Sol, Bungalows with spectacular views in Ometepe Finca del Sol, Bungalows with spectacular views in Ometepe

Sustainable, without compromising future generations​.

Enjoy our  Eco-friendly  Accommodations  in Ometepe Island ! Check out what makes Finca del Sol perfect for your holiday adventure!  More than a regular dreary hotel experience.   Private, spacious casitas on Volcano Madaras, close to the village of Santa Cruz within walking or biking distance to restaurants, trails and the beach.   Holistic accommodations include private garden spaces, screened windows to catch the cross breezes, high thatch roofs and fans to keep you cool and comfortable. 



100 % Of our Energy is produced by Solar power. We have a connection to the main power line in the event that their is not enough energy stored in the batteries to provide energy for all the cabins, fridges and laundry.

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available


Our composting system collects all food, vegetative and solid waste that, with the aid of beneficial micro-organisms, decomposes and is then used as an organic fertilizer to eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers.

All compost is then put on plants creating a full circle

190 Foot Well, plants watered for survival in the dry season only

We specifically include a water filter in each cabin to avoid producing more garbage. Plastic takes many years to break down. As Ometepe does not have any recycling program we are doing our best to re-purpose and use what we can.

Food for thought: In 2009, researchers from Nihon University in Chiba, Japan, found that plastic in warm ocean water can degrade in as little as a year. This doesn't sound so bad until you realize those small bits of plastic are toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A (BPA) and PS oligomer. These end up in the guts of animals or wash up on shorelines, where humans are most likely to come into direct contact with the toxins in the food supply.


We believe in supporting our local community and giving a hand up through education and opportunity.


It has been our hope to be closer to mother earth, learn where our food comes from, what it means to grow our own food, how to butcher an animal and be more sustainable, eco friendly and conscientious. It has helped us develop a better appreciation for what we eat, and what it means to go from field to fork.

We make everything we can reducing the need for packaging. We believe in having the freshest food possible. Food produced at Finca del Sol includes; jams, yogurt, juices, humus, sauces, ground burger meat, veggie burger patties and bread!

We raise tropical sheep and cut the meat at our farm. We sell some meat when we have extra, however the majority is for our personal consumption.

We also raise goats for milk and make our own yogurt and cheese.
We grow different kinds of tropical fruits, like avocados, bananas, plantain, mango, star fruit, lemon, oranges, papayas, pineapples and grapefruit.

We have been trying our luck at getting vegetables to grow. Lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant, beans, peppers, okra, beets and tropical squashes have been know to grace our property.

Still looking for the coolest place to stay?  Finca del Sol is more than your typical hotel / hostel.  The bungalows at Finca del Sol give you access to enjoy all the gardens and animals. 
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