Finca del Sol, Bungalows with spectacular views in Ometepe Finca del Sol, Bungalows with spectacular views in Ometepe

Online Reservations:

To secure your booking :

When you click "Book Now" you will be directed to our booking service, Reservation Key.  There you will be able to see the calendar and choose your bungalow.  Kindly note a 70% deposit is required to secure your booking.
Credit cards - Amex, Mastercard, Visa and  deposits are accepted through paypal

​ Visitors please note, the access to ATMs is limited on the island. Most local restaurants, businesses, markets and lodging at Ometepe tend to prefer and accept cash as their payment method. Please ensure that you are able to withdraw cash in either USD or Cordobas (C$) when you arrive at Moyogalpa. There are three ATMs located all on the main road up from the port. One called Lafisse, the other located at the Mini Supermart and the third one called BAC which is across the street from the Mini Super Mart. Withdrawing sufficient cash to pay for your lodging, food and other expenses when you arrive will save you a few trips back and forth especially when you're further into to the island in areas like Santa Cruz and Alragracia.

Kindly note  we will do our best to answer your email  within 24 - 48 hours. 

Travel directions:
Scroll down a bit for ferry schedule and travel information

Email is the best way to reach us!  Our internet service is more reliable than the telephone .

There are many things to do on our Organic farm so kindly be patient with us.  Your question is important to us and we pride ourselves on offering you the best service and a personalized experience. 

We work with you to tailor your vacation to your needs, offer tours to volcano Madaras, horseback riding, massage therapy and private, Eco-friendly lodgings.  More than a dreary hotel,  choose Finca del sol on your next trip to Ometepe Island. 

Book direct and save!  Small groups and families welcome! Holistic accommodation for 12 people max.





Modern, air-conditioned comfortable shuttles that make daily trips between the dock and Santa Cruz or Finca del Sol. 

DURATION 45 - 60 minute Hour Ride to Finca del Sol

COST $5 - $7 pp

 Arrangements cannot be made ahead. Look for the taxi's / shuttle's on the dock.


Kindly note - the ferry from San Carlos and Granada is no longer in operation as of 2015.

  • Ferries take 1 - 1.5 hours to cross the lake.
  • Depart from San Jorge
  • Costs between us$2 - 3 per passenger. A car will cost about us$20 -us$25 each way. {cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2D%20%20%09%09%40page%20%7B%20margin%3A%200.79in%20%7D%20%20%09%09P%20%7B%20margin-bottom%3A%200.08in%20%7D%20%20%09%2D%2D%3E


From San Jorge TO OMETEPE:

FERRIES DAILY at 7am / 9:30am / 10:30am / 12pm / 2:30 pm / 4pm . 5pm

Small boats take foot passengers only and leave the mainland Monday through Saturday at 8am / 11am / 1pm / 3:30pm.


FERRIES DAILY at 6am / 6:45am / 7:30am / 9am / 11am / 12:30pm / 3:20pm / 5pm
The road is paved and people can  reach us with a regular car - however, we recommend that you hire a 4x4 vehicle if you would like to explore the back roads around the islands. ​​

When you get on the ferry, it will drop you off in Moyagalpa or San Jose up the road until it ends, making a right out of town.

Follow the road for about 20 -25 mins( Moyagalpa) or 10 mins (San Jose) - until you come to a road with a sign for Balgue, Santa Cruz - turn right. In about 5 mins in you will pass Ojo de Agua and come to a village called Santo Domingo.
Continue on down the road (maybe 5 minutes) and go up a small hill - at the fork in the road (Santa Cruz) - you will see a sign for Balgue and Merida.

Turn left in the direction of Balgue- In 300 meters down this road you will see our wooden sign "Finca del Sol", with A BLUE & YELLOW GATE, directly across from a place called Little Morgans.

*Please note* Our gate is difficult to see, so look on your right hand side after you make the last turn, just as you go down a small hill.

*Late check-in’s (after 6pm) will find the key for their cabin located in a small plastic bag at the front step. 

Between December and April we do  not  recommend you bring a car because you may spend allot of time  trying to make a ferry reservation.  The ferry books out in the high season when the big trucks are also using the ferries. In addition there may be high winds that might leave you stranded unable to get on with the car due to other boat cancellations and only a select number of car spots. 

The ferries are small and fit 6 - 8 cars only.
If you are prepared to accept that you may not get on with the car  you will have the option to park the car within the compound (behind a guarded gate)

Car Ferry costs -US $25 in each direction + tickets (the same as a taxi, more or less)


Arcia ferry company :(505) 2563 - 0938

Rey de cocibolca *(recommended):(505) 8691 - 3669 OR 8833 - 4773

Che Guevera: 2563 -0665 OR 2563 - 4779
This option includes a personal driver who will greet you at the airport or ferry dock and drive you in a comfortably appointed van directly to Finca del Sol.

DURATION 45 - 60 minute drive 

COSTS  $25 USD One-Way (1-4 persons)



La Costena Airlines offers flights twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays) from Managua and San Carlos Airport to Ometepe. 

To Book with La Costena 
Check flight times and availability at and reserve.

Notify Finca del Sol of your arrival time/date to Ometepe airport to set up taxi shuttle service to our Eco lodge. ($25 USD for groups of 1 - 4 people with pick-up at Ometepe airport).

DURATION: 1 hour Flight with La Costena + 45-Minute Drive from the Airport to Finca del Sol


You can catch a public bus at the dock in Moyagalpa or San Jose going to Balgue or Merida..

Leaving at 10 am (B), 2:30 pm (M) and 3:30 pm (B).

This same bus will stop in Altagracia approximately 45-minutes later, then continue on towards El Quino and Santa Cruz.

At the split it will either turn towards Balgue or Merida. If it is traveling towards Merida you will need to get off in Santa Cruz and walk 350 meters to our gate in the direction of Balgue.

DURATION 2 Hours to Santa Cruz

PRICE $2.00 USD for bus to Santa Cruz

 VISIT  The Bus Schedule